About the Sessions

I believe that each client is unique so our sessions are tailored to your needs and are a safe, confidential space which is just for you. I am trained in Gestalt which is a holistic therapy and this involves looking at you as a whole person and also your environment as the two go side by side.  I also feel that the relationship between us is the cornerstone that underpins the work we are able to do and I hope to raise your awareness and look at your difficult thoughts and feelings in the here and now which will allow you to make new choices going forward.  You may not be able to see a way forward, you may be feeling stuck and through our sessions, we can explore this. It may involve talking about difficult things or relationships in your life but this can help you to consider what part you may have had in this and where you are now.  I may also suggest bringing some creativity into our work.  Counselling can help with making the changes for a happier and more fulfilling life.

Sessions are for 50 minutes usually at a regular time each week.  I work with clients on a long term basis where we can explore issues in-depth at a pace that you are comfortable with.  If you would prefer I also offer short term counselling where the work will be more focused and structured and typically lasts about 12 sessions.

  • Sessions</h3 >

    Each session costs £60 and is payable by bank transfer.

    I have a limited number of slots at concessionary rates for students/trainees/low income (please enquire about this).

  • Online Sessions</h3 >

    I also offer Zoom sessions at £50.

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